That's me, on the left. This picture was taken by my sister when my wifey and I were on our honeymoon in California. We stayed in San Clemente, but this particular stretch of beach is Redondo. This is the best picture of my wife and me in existence. Look how happy and in love we look!

I am 32 years old. I am married, I have no children -- but my wife tells me this is a situation we must soon rectify. I spend my free time drawing naked chicks, writing fantastic bloody epics and love poetry, and tasting wine. When I am listening to music it is usually Nine Inch Nails, Jean-Michael Jarre, or Pink Floyd, but I have been really into Suzanne Vega lately -- there are some unbelievably clever lyrics in her songs, and "Stockings" is probably the sexiest song ever written (but that's just my opinion). Since the foreign critics who decide the recipients of the Golden Globe have decided Charlise Theron can act, there is no longer any guilt associated with describing her as my favorite actress (she's gorgeous).
My favorite books are The Hot Zone, Something Wicked This Way Comes, and Brave New World. Ray Bradbury is the writer I wish I was. My favorite artists are Alberto Vargas and Gil Elvgren. The best show on TV was Futurama, and I am mortally stung by its cancellation. I may live another 70 years, but when I go, it'll be because of that. Thank God it's coming out on DVDs.
The San Fransisco Art Exchange; works by Alberto Vargas, Roger Dean and Boris Valejo. The coolest art gallery ever!
A self-representing artist in the Southern California area. Jinx paints fairies and nymphs and other fanciful creatures. No other word will suffice: CUTE!
Outside The Asylum Games. High-minded board, role-playing and card games. I did work for these guys (and own a piece of their company -- er -- debt).
The Best Film and DVD review spot on the web: funny, clever, and insightful. I know the guy who writes this, and his life is film, and you can usually trust his advice (if for no other reason than he doesn't get paid for this). I think his goal in life is to see every movie ever made and own it when it comes out on DVD, but I could be mistaken.
I've recently been in communication with the owner of this eBay store... which you can't read the name of because I've reduced this graphic too much. It's "Mehulani" (and that's a very sexy logo she's using -- I had nothing to do with it, unfortunately), and she's part of Artisthill, a group of self-representing artists on eBay that can be found by using ARTDVA (art-divas) as the search-word. Of particular interest to me is her jewelry and sculpture (which strikes me as neo-industrial medieval paganism... but I'm just throwing adjectives around), but I endorse the efforts of any and all artists, especially those who take a reciprocating interest in mine. Of course, I'm the wrong gender to be an ARTDVA, but that doesn't stop me from loving them. Visit Mehulani's store and support the expressions of the ARTDVA's today! (click on the logo)