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I do enjoy meeting new people and making new contacts. And it seems I am getting to know another 2 to 3 people from all around the world every day these days. And even the people who send me messages just to let me know I'm a pervert know: I always reply to a personal message. I don't know how many people actually bother with checking out my website (it is 4 times the amount of traffic that Earthlink allowed -- I get usage stats), but I know the auctions are doing their job. I'm usually running about 15 to 20 auctions at a time between eBay and Naughtybids, so there's plenty to look at -- and I'm trying to maintain a constant stream of originals as well (VERY difficult to do). Do consider that I will probably sell to you outside of an auction as well -- if there's something you want, send me a note. MOST of the stuff that's posted in my gallery, and the things I've offered prints of live here on my wall. Because I do entertain myself first.

It was a good month for commissions, not a great month for prints. I did establish a couple more "regulars". I think the only new work in the gallery is the "Digital Color Process #2", and "Ready for a Licking", which are both on the pin-up page.

A special "thank you" this month goes out to "Joypal", who sent me the best e-mails I think I ever got. It certainly does make a guy feel appreciated.

Don't forget, I do commission work, and I'm always looking for inspiration! So if you have an idea you'd like to see expressed, whether you want to buy the original or not, drop me a note, and I'll put my mind to it and see what I come up with.
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