This site is ridiculously overdue an overhaul, so I'm going to spend a little bit of time working on it. What I really need is a plan for constructing a design which is low, low, maintenance, because I don't want to spend time on a computer, laying things out in some kind of HTML-authoring program, and I don't want to spend time looking up lines of code.

I'm a pens, pencils and paper kind of guy, and when I'm punching buttons and moving a mouse around, it doesn't feel like I'm getting any work done.

If you follow my work at all, which, really, it seems not that many people do any more (I blame the economy), you know most of the drawing I do these days is for comics projects; for myself, for Dr. Faustus, for Kevin L. O'Brien. If you're still interested in
my pin-up art, and you'd like to see and/or own more of it that isn't based on comic characters, you're probably going to need to take matters into your own hands and commission a piece. I'm still available for that kind of work, I just don't do much of it on my own time any more.
That's me on DeviantART.